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Since 2010 Socon Trade srl starting a new industrial venture becoming an excellence in the food pakaging sector. The company has established itself in the European and International market with the production of sleeve and lid for artisanal and GDO ice cream cones.

Socon Trade SRL is one of the two only specialized industries in Italy and the only international one in Europe. Our plant is located in Cavagnolo (TO), with a total surface of 12.000 square. Nowadays, 40% of the company's production is exported abroad to many countries in Europe and overseas regions such as South Africa, United Arab Emirates Brasil, Venezuela, Cyprus, and Armenia. Thanks to last generation equipment we can gran tour customers with high-quality products accommodating any kind of needs and requests.

A specialized team of engineers monitors the proper functioning of our production equipment providing safety and accuracy; we are proudly among the organization with higher security standards in Italy and Europe.

Our loyal staff works with us for over 10 years, creating inestimable know-how and solidity in Socon Trade SRL

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