Socon Trade

Cover Department

This is the department where the cover manufacturing takes place through the transformation of printed polythene paper into a finished product.

Among the technical equipment, we rely on is the die-cutter, an italian manufactured excellence specifically projected for our company, an avant-garde machine equipped with a camera control system for maximum centering precision and cutting also at high speed.

Thanks to the wide variety of dies, we are able to realize tops and cups of various dimensions:

  • Top 38 mm
  • Top 52,5 mm
  • Top 53 mm
  • Top 60,5 mm
  • Top 61 mm
  • Top 68,3 mm
  • Top 69 mm
  • Top 69,5 mm
  • Top 69,8 mm
  • Cup 67,2 mm
  • Cup 69,8 mm
  • Cup 75,8 mm
  • Cup 79,2 mm